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  • George Bernard Shaw

  • King George VI

  • George Bernard Shaw

  • Sir Ernest Macmillan

  • A. V. Alexander

  • H. G. Wells

  • Lord Louis and Lady Edwina Mountbatten

  • Russ Bannock

  • His Royal Highness Olav

  • H. G. Wells

  • Princess Elizabeth

  • Princess Elizabeth

  • Noël Coward

  • Lord Louis Mountbatten

  • Lord Beaverbrook

  • King George VI

  • George Bernard Shaw


William A. Burden

William A. Burden, 1946 In 1942, with the strong support of leading aviation executives, the Harvard Business School established the Aviation Research Program to develop vital information and guidance that… […]

Rodgers and Hammerstein

Rodgers and Hammerstein, 1950 The original Broadway production of Oklahoma! opened on March 31, 1943. It is the first musical written by the team of composer Richard Rodgers and librettist… […]

Lord Louis Mountbatten

Lord Louis Mountbatten, 1943 Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten was born Prince Louis of Battenberg on June 25, 1900. He was an uncle of Prince Philip, and second cousin… […]

H. G. Wells

H. G. Wells, 1943 H. G. Wells’ science fiction novel War Of The Worlds was first serialized in 1897 and came out in hardback in 1898. With Martians invading England,… […]

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw, 1943 by Yousuf Karsh In an article in the UK Observer the author of a new book talks about how Charlotte Shaw was heavily involved in her… […]

Russ Bannock, 1919-2020

Russ Bannock, 1943 Russell William Bannock was a Canadian fighter ace during the Second World War. This portrait of Bannock was in the private collection of Mr. Bannock’s family and… […]

Clement Attlee

…cards reading: 1941: “Right Honorable Clement Attlee MP”; 1943: “The Right Honorable Clement Attlee MP, Deputy Prime Minister”; 1945: “The Right Honorable Clement Attlee MP, For LIFE Magazine”; and 1949:… […]

Prince Philip, 1921-2021

Prince Philip, 1966 Britain’s Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has died. Karsh photographed the British royal family on several occasions, from 1943 through to 1987. See more images of… […]

Elizabeth II

Princess Elizabeth, 1951 Great Britain’s longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch, Elizabeth II, is 95 today. Born April 21 in 1926, she became queen after her father King George VI died,… […]

Josip Broz Tito

Josip Broz Tito, 1954 Josip Broz, commonly known as Tito, was born on this day, May 7, in 1892. Tito was a Yugoslav communist revolutionary and statesman, serving in various… […]

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

Princess Elizabeth, 1951 On February 6, 2022, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking her reign of 70 years. Born in 1926,… […]

H. G. Wells

H. G. Wells, 1943 The English author H. G. Wells was born on this day, September 21, in 1866 (d. 1946). Prolific in many genres, he wrote dozens of novels,… […]

Princess Elizabeth

The cover of this week’s Hello! Canada features this beautiful color portrait from Yousuf Karsh’s 1951 sitting with Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth. This official portrait of Princess Elizabeth was… […]

A. V. Alexander

The Right Honorable A. V. Alexander MP, First Lord of the Admiralty, 1943 An author contacted us to inquire about a black and white portrait of “Harold Alexander” for publication… […]

Judith Jamison

Judith Jamison, 1990 Judith Jamison is an American dancer and choreographer (b. 1943). She was photographed by Karsh in 1990, when she was the director of the Alvin Ailey American… […]

Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Elizabeth, 1951 Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 96th birthday today. Born in 1926, Karsh first photographed her as Princess in 1943, and again in 1951; those 1951 portraits show… […]

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw, 1943 Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw died on this day, November 2, in 1950. He wrote more than sixty plays and in 1925 was awarded the Nobel… […]

King George VI

King George IV, 1943 On February 6, in 1952, Britain’s King George VI died and his eldest daughter Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. Both were photographed by Karsh in 1943,… […]

VE Day

King George VI, 1943 May 8, 2020, marked the 75th anniversary of the day celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender… […]

Loma Mulvihill and Richard Jones

Loma Mulville, 1943 We heard an extraordinary story from a relative of two people who were photographed by Yousuf Karsh in the 1940s. Pilot Officer Richard Jones was photographed in… […]

Archives Canada

William Lyon Mackenzie King, 1936 A mystery is solved thanks to our wonderful colleagues at Archives Canada, where the Karsh Fonds are held. Jill Delaney, lead archivist, was able to… […]

Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden, 1949 Anthony Eden was born on this day, June 12, in 1897. He became Prime Minister of Great Britain after Winston Churchill‘s resignation in 1955. Karsh photographed The… […]

Elizabeth II

Princess Elizabeth, 1943 Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on this day, April 21, in 1926. She was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, later King George… […]

Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1966 On this day, November 20, in 1947, Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten at Westminster Abbey in London. Karsh had photographed Her Royal Highness… […]

Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms

Louise Mirrer, President and CEO, New-York Historical Society, at the grand opening of New-York Historical Society’s “Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms” on May 30, 2018. © Melanie Einzig “Rockwell,… […]

The Robert Simpson Company

“Color Photo Karsh Ottawa” During wartime, Canadian retailers did their best to support the war effort at home by selling war bonds and supporting enlisted staff. “Of a total of… […]

H. G. Wells: War of the Worlds

H. G. Wells, 1943 On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles supposedly* caused a nationwide panic with a radio broadcast of his adaptation of H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds,… […]

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Elizabeth and family, 1951 On this day, June 2, in 1953, Princess Elizabeth was formally crowned Queen Elizabeth II. This informal family portrait was made earlier, in 1951 at… […]

Josip Broz Tito

Josip Broz Tito, 1954 Josip Broz, commonly known as Tito, was a Yugoslav communist revolutionary politician serving in various positions from 1943 until his death on May 4, in 1980… […]



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