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Dec 7 1955

Sir Winston Churchill

On occasion of Williamsburg, VA. Award. Drapers Hall, London, England
Nov 10 1955

Mr. Lowe

Chairman, Port of New York Authority
Nov 10 1955

Mr. Gene Tunney

The McCandless Corporation
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Oct 20 1955

Mr. E. Ludgin

Chairman of the Board, Earle Ludgin & Co.
Oct 18 1955

Mr. Endicott Lovell

President, Calumet & Hecla
For JWT Chicago, Northwestern Mutual
Sep 29 1955

Mr. George Humphrey

United States Secretary of the Treasury for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
For LIFE Magazine, through PIX Publishing
Sep 29 1955

General Wilton B. Persons

Liaison Officer. Deputy Assistant to the President
For LIFE Magazine, through PIX Publishing
Oct 17 1955

Mr. Lowe

Chairman, Port of New York Authority
Sep 19 1955

J. P. Price

President, National Home Corporation
For PIX Publishing
Aug 2 1955

Mr. R. D. Parker

Vice President and General Manager, International Nickel Co.
Jul 9 1955

Mr. Smallwood

Chairman, The Lipton Tea Co.
Through PIX Publishing
May 7 1955

Charles Templeton

One of group of writers photographed together for Apple Canada, Inc. Including Charles Templeton, Ben Wicks, Harold Towne, Veronica Tennant, Margaret Atwood
Apr 2 1955

Mr. Wm. C. Decker

President, Corning Glass Works
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson


  • Harold MacMillan

  • Kurt Waldheim

  • Jacob Epstein

  • Jacob Epstein

  • Herbert von Karajan

  • Earl Warren


Alexander Fleming

Scottish biologist, physician, microbiologist, and pharmacologist Alexander Fleming died on this day, March 11, in 1955. […]

Presidents’ Day

Today is the Presidents’ Day federal holiday in the United States. Karsh photographed twelve United States Presidents, from Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton. […]

Harold MacMillan

The Right Honorable Harold Macmillan was born on this day, February 10, in 1894. […]

Marian Anderson

On January 7, 1955, Marian Anderson became the first African American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.  […]

Walt Disney

Animator, voice actor and film producer Walt Disney was born on December 5, in 1901. […]

Earl Warren

October 5th marks the anniversary of Earl Warren’s swearing-in as the 14th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. […]

Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden was born on this day, June 12, in 1897. He became Prime Minister of Great Britain after Winston Churchill’s resignation in 1955.  […]

Earl Warren: Brown v. Board of Education

“…the extent to which we maintain the spirit of our constitution with its Bill of Rights, will in the long run do more to make it both secure and the object of adulation than the number of hydrogen bombs we stockpile.” […]

League of Nations, United Nations

On January 10, 1920, the League of Nations was formally established when the Covenant of the League of Nations, ratified by 42 nations in 1919, took effect. […]

Supreme Court Justices

This week the United States will seat a new supreme court justice. Yousuf Karsh photographed several North American justices, from the 1930s to the 1970s. […]

The Crown

Netflix series “The Crown” is proving to be one of the most successful and most “binge-watched” series of all time. […]

Jonas Salk

On this day, April 26, in 1954, Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine began field trials. […]

Marian Anderson sings at Lincoln Memorial

On Easter Sunday, April 9, 1939, Marian Anderson performed a free open-air concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. She sang before a crowd of more than 75,000 people and a radio audience in the millions. […]

The Warren Commission

On this day, November 29, in 1963, one week after President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot, President Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission. Leading the investigation into the assassination was Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. […]

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