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Aug 19 1982

Dr. Joab Thomas

President, University of Alabama (Former president of North Carolina State University)
For North Carolina State University
Oct 24 1947

R. J. Cordiner Esq.

Vice President & Assistant to the President, General Electric Company
Sep 29 1955

Mr. George Humphrey

United States Secretary of the Treasury for President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
For LIFE Magazine, through PIX Publishing
Sep 29 1955

General Wilton B. Persons

Liaison Officer. Deputy Assistant to the President
For LIFE Magazine, through PIX Publishing
Oct 18 1955

Mr. Endicott Lovell

President, Calumet & Hecla
For JWT Chicago, Northwestern Mutual
Jan 8 1956

Mrs. Brownie Wise

President, Tupper Home Parties
Through PIX Publishing
Apr 12 1956

Adlai Rust

President, State Farm Insurance Company
Apr 23 1956

Edwin H. Walker

President and General Manager, McKinnon Industries Ltd.
Sep 19 1955

J. P. Price

President, National Home Corporation
For PIX Publishing
Aug 2 1955

Mr. R. D. Parker

Vice President and General Manager, International Nickel Co.
Apr 2 1955

Mr. Wm. C. Decker

President, Corning Glass Works
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Oct 6 1956

Dr. Maurice Tainter

Vice President, Sterling Drug Company
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Jun 14 1956

Mr. Spencer Love

President, Burlington Mills
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Mar 2 1957

Mr. S. C. Allyn

President, National Cash Register Company
For Northwestern Mutual, J. Walter Thompson
Jan 28 1957

Dr. E. Warner

President, International Civil Aviation Organization
Oct 10 1956

Dr. G. C. Monture

Vice President, Strategic Materials, Ottawa Electric Building
Aug 20 1956

Charles F. Kettering

Vice President and Research Consultant, General Motors Corp., Dayton, Ohio
Through PIX Publishing
Dec 9 1954

Mr. Joe Hunter

President, Crucible Steel Corpn.
Through PIX Publishing
Sep 20 1952

J. E. Brownlee QC

President & General Manager, United Grain Growers Ltd.
Feb 6 1953

Harold V. Smith

President, Home Insurance Co.
Through PIX Publishing
Jan 1 1953

Donald F. Hunter

Vice President and Managing Director, Maclean Hunter Publishing Co.
Nov 26 1952

K. C. Towe

President, American Cyamid Co.
For J. M. Mathes Advertising through PIX Publishing
Nov 24 1952


President, Maryland Casualty Corp
Through PIX Publishing
Nov 19 1952

Mr. W. M. Robbins

Vice President, General Foods Corp.
Through PIX Publishing
Oct 9 1952

Herbert E. Miller

President & Managing Director, Miller Lithographic Co. Ltd.
Apr 10 1952

Kenneth Adams Esq.

President, Phillips Petroleum Company
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Nov 24 1954

Mr. Morehead Paterson

President, American Machine and Foundry Corp.
Through PIX Publishing
Apr 7 1954

Ray E. Eppert

Executive Vice President, Burroughs Corporation
Nov 23 1954


President, Cities Service Oil Co.
Through PIX Publishing
May 4 1954

Mr. Paul Levinger

President, The Spiedel Company
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Apr 14 1954

Louis H. Lamotte

Vice President in charge Sales, International Business Machines Inc.
Mar 13 1954

Mr. William Balderston

President, The Philco Corporation
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Jan 26 1954

Mr. Edward Valentine

President and Chairman of the Board, J. W. Robinson & Co.
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Nov 19 1953

Herbert Johnson Esq.

President, Johnson’s Wax Co.
For JWT Chicago, N.W. Mutual Series
Oct 22 1953

Glen J. Spahn

Vice President in charge of Canada, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
Feb 4 1964

Herbert L. Barnet

Chairman, The Pepsi Cola Company, & Donald M. Kendall, President
Feb 3 1964

Walter J. McNerney

President, International Blue Cross
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Jun 28 1962

Mr. Robert Smith

President, Indiana General Corporation. And family.
For Northwestern Mutual
Mar 13 1962

T. V. Learson

Vice President, International Business Machines
Feb 9 1962

Ralph A. Dungan

Special Assistant to the President, Washington, D.C.
Jan 24 1962

Pierre Salinger

Press Secretary to the President, The White House
Nov 14 1961

Mr. Thomas A. Wilson

President, National Carbide Dye Co.
Through Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Feb 4 1964

Donald M. Kendall

President, The Pepsi Cola Company, & Herbert Barnet, Chairman
Mar 6 1964

Mr. William Hobbs

President, M.A. Hanna Co.
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Sep 17 1964

Mr. Robert Peach

President, Mohawk Airlines
American Airlines Sitting
Feb 18 1965

Mr. Pete Noyes

President, Oneida Silver Co.
For Manning Public Relations
Sep 15 1964

Mr. Nick Bez

President, West Coast Airlines
American Airlines Sitting
Mar 17 1964

Mr. John H. Moore

President, John Labatt Ltd.
For Dominion Brewers Association
Sep 9 1964

Mr. Converse

President, Bonanza Airlines
American Airlines Sitting
Sep 8 1964

Mr. L. E. Glasgow

President, Central Airlines
American Airlines Sitting
Sep 3 1964

Mr. T. H. Davis

President, Piedmont Airlines
For American Airlines
Jun 24 1964

Dr. Gerhard Muller

President of the Supreme Court, Bundesverfassungsgericht
Oct 17 1957

Mr. Ewald

President, Avon Products Inc.
Oct 20 1958

Mr. Hiller

President, Hiller Aircraft Co.
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Apr 30 1959

Mr. Richard Deems

Vice President, Hearst Corporation
Through PIX Publishing
Apr 14 1959

Mr. Albert K. Mitchell

President and General Manager, King Ranch, Albert, New Mexico
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Mar 13 1959

Mr. Stranahan

President, Champion Spark Plug Co.
For Northwestern Mutual
Mar 9 1959

B. C. Gardner

President, The Bank of Montreal
Taken during Montreal series for Maclean’s
Nov 5 1958

Mr. Lusk

President, Benton and Bowles
Nov 4 1958

Kenneth Parker

President, The Parker Pen Company
For Western Union Series through Benton and Bowles
Sep 10 1958

Mr. Willard Denton

President, Manhattan Savings Bank
Through Milburn McCarty Assocoiates
Jun 12 1959

Kenneth Spencer

President, Spencer Chemical Co.
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Sep 5 1958

Mr. William Kennedy Jr.

President, North Carolina Mutual Insurance Co.
Ebony Magazine series. For PIX Publishing
Jun 11 1959

Mr. Charles A. Nugent

Vice President and Secretary Treasurer, Stokely Van Camp
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Nov 3 1960

Mr. James P. Gill

President, Vanadium Alloys Steel
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Mar 8 1961

Mr. Carl Bimson

President, Valley National Bank
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Oct 31 1960

Mr. Henry Rand

President, International Shoe Co. International Shoe Assignments
For Manning Public Relations
Sep 28 1960

Mr. W. J. Smith

National President, Railway Transport and General Workers Union
Sep 14 1960

Mr. Henry Rand

President, International Shoe Co.
For Manning Public Relations
Jan 26 1960

Carl Kroch

President, Kroch’s and Brentano's
Jan 19 1960

Mr. Ogden C. White

Vice President, Marketing, Ditto Inc.
Fulton Morrisey Agency
Jan 19 1960

Mr. Scott Harrod

President, Ditto Inc.
For Fulton Morrissey Agency
Jan 5 1960

Mr. Frank Kemp

President and General Manager, Great Western Sugar Co.
Northwestern Mutual sitting
Oct 10 1951

George Blaisdell

President, Zippo Lighter Co.
Lord Calvert Series
Feb 11 1947

W. W. Halpenny Esq.

President & General Manager, Williams Tool Corp. of Canada Ltd.
Apr 11 1947

Mr. John J. McHale

President & General Manager, Scott & McHale Ltd. Perth Shoe Company
Apr 9 1947

Mr. L. W. Hanson

Retired Vice President & General Manager, United Shoe Machinery Co. of Canada
Mar 12 1947

Mr. Thomas Hum

Vice President, Allied Trading Company Ltd.
Jan 22 1947

Dr. Florence Dunlop

School Psychologist & Supervisor of Special Classes, Ottawa Public Schools. Also, President, International Council of Exceptional Children
May 15 1947

Mr. Frank Millington

Executive Vice President, Shoe Manufacturers’ Association of Canada. Perth Shoe Company
Oct 24 1947

Hardage L. Andrews Esq.

Vice President & General Manager of Appliance & Merchandise Dept. General Electric Company
Oct 23 1947

Ray H. Luebbe Esq.

Vice President & General Counsel, General Electric Company
Oct 21 1947

L. R. Boulware Esq.

Vice President in charge of Employee Relations, General Electric Co.
Oct 21 1947

Edwin E. Potter Esq.

President in charge of Customers’ Relations, General Electric Company
Oct 20 1947

George R. Prout Esq.

Vice President & General Manager of Air Conditioning Department, General Electric Company
Jun 9 1947

Sir Frederick Bain

President, Federation of British Industries, Deputy Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries
Sep 25 1947

Chester H. Lang Esq.

Vice President & Manager of Sales, Apparatus Dept., General Electric Company
Sep 25 1947

Robert S. Peare Esq.

Vice President in Charge of Advertising, Broadcasting and Publicity, General Electric Company
Sep 24 1947

Harry A. Winne Esq.

Vice President in Charge of Engineering Policy, General Electric Company
Sep 23 1947

Elmer Spicer Esq.

Vice President in Charge of Manufacturing, General Electric Company
Sep 23 1947

Dr. C. G. Suits

Vice President & Director of Research, General Electric Company
Sep 22 1947

David C. Prince Esq.

Vice President in Charge of General Engineering & Consulting Laboratory, General Electric Company
Sep 22 1947

Dr. W. R. G. Baker

Vice President & General Manager, Electronics Dept. General Electric Company
Jul 30 1947

Mr. A. P. Reid

Vice President, Household Finance Corporation of Canada
Nov 25 1944

Dr. Sidney E. Smith

Principal, University College, Toronto. President-Elect, University of Toronto
Oct 28 1944

Dr. W. E. Gallie

Professor of Surgery, Toronto University. President, Royal College of Surgeons. Past Pres, American College of Surgeons
Jul 19 1944

Mr. K. Markon

President, Wool Combing Corp. of Canada
Jun 3 1943

Dr. Eduard Benes

President of Czecho-Slovakia. Alone and with Prime Minister King
Nov 11 1942

Mr. H. W. Manning

Vice President & Managing Director, The Great-West Life Assurance Co.
Sep 16 1942

Robert F. Chisholm

Vice President & General Sales Manager, Gordon Mackay & Co. Ltd.
Jan 1 1945

Mr. Paul Gray Hoffman

President, Studebaker Corporation
For LIFE Magazine Captains of Industry
Jan 29 1946

Mr. Donald W. Douglas

President, Douglas Aircraft Co. Inc.
For LIFE Magazine Captains of Industry
Jan 11 1946

Mr. Martin W. Clement

President of the Pennsylvania Railroad
For LIFE Magazine Captains of Industry
Nov 29 1945

Mr. Eugene Holman

President, Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey
For LIFE Magazine
Nov 20 1945

Mr. Eugene Grace

President, Bethlehem Steel
For LIFE Magazine Captains of Industry
Nov 15 1945

Mr. Walter Gifford

President, American Telephone & Telegraph, AT&T
For LIFE Magazine Captains of Industry
Jan 18 1945

Mr. C. H. Dickins

Vice President & General Manager, Canadian-Pacific Air Lines
Jun 6 1945

Mr. A. W. Trueman

President, University of Manitoba
For Saturday Night Magazine
Apr 1 1945

David K. Niles

Administrative Assistant to the President
For LIFE Magazine
Mar 28 1945

Mr. Justin M. Cork

Vice President & General Manager, Loblaw Groceterias Ltd.
Jan 19 1951

Curtis H. Gager Esq.

Vice President & Director, General Foods Corp.
Through PIX Publishing. General Foods
Dec 11 1950

T. J. Emmert Esq.

Executive Vice President, Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Ltd.
Nov 1 1950

Herman B. Steinkraus

President and Chairman of the Board, Bridgeport Brass Co.
For Northwestern Mutual, J. Walter Thompson
Sep 1 1950

Harry W. Morrison Esq.

President, Morrison-Knudsen Company Inc.
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago (Northwestern Mutual account)
Jul 8 1950

J. E. Hoeft Esq.

President, Glendale Federal Savings & Loan Association
May 22 1950

Dr. Paul Merica

Executive Vice President, International Nickel Company of Canada
Through PIX Publishing
Jan 30 1951

Udell Young Esq.

Vice President, General Foods Corp.
Through PIX Publishing
May 4 1950

Herbert G. Fales

Vice President, International Nickel Company
For PIX Publishing
Mar 29 1950

E. C. Sammons Esq.

President, United States National Bank
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Mar 1 1950

Frank Weil

President, National Jewish Welfare Board
Feb 13 1950

J. B. Cross Esq.

President, Calgary Brewing & Malting Co.
For Dominion Brewers Association
Feb 13 1950

J. C. Cushing Esq.

Executive Vice President, National Breweries
For Dominion Brewers Association
Jan 30 1951

W. Robbins Esq.

Vice President, General Foods Corp.
Through PIX Publishing
Mar 6 1951

Warren W. Brown Esq.

Vice President i/c Traffic, Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railway Co.
Sep 12 1951

H. F. Sadler Esq.

Vice President, United States Gypsum Co.
Through Hedrich-Blessing
Nov 29 1951

Award Fuller Esq.

Vice President & General Manager, The Fuller Brush Company
Oct 23 1951

George B. Oland Esq.

President & Managing Director, Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
For Dominion Brewers Association
Oct 16 1951

A. B. Edge Esq. Jr.

President, Calloway Mills Co.
For J. Walter Thompson (Northwestern Mutual account)
Sep 11 1951

C. H. Shaver Esq.

Vice President & Treasurer, United States Gypsum Company
Through Hedrich-Blessing
May 26 1951

Lawrence W. Tice Esq.

President, International Correspondence Schools
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
May 14 1951

D. C. Gaskin Esq.

Vice President & General Manager, Studebaker Corp. of Canada
Sep 15 1948

Carl Sharp Esq.

President, Acme Steel Company
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Jul 14 1948

W. S. Freeman Esq.

President & General Manager, H. Barnard Stamp & Stencil Co. Ltd.
May 3 1948

Dr. Charles Armstrong

President, Kiwanis International (Dr. Armstrong is Medical Officer of Health in Salisbury, NC)
Apr 29 1948

D. H. Ross Esq.

President & General Manager, Dominion Envelopes & Cartons
Sep 22 1948

William Faricy Esq.

President, Association of American Railroads
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Apr 19 1948

A. M. Wilson Esq.

Vice President & General Manager, Salada Tea Co. of Canada Ltd.
Mar 25 1948

H. V. Erhen Esq.

Vice President in charge of Appliance Dept., General Electric Company
Jan 21 1948

Cyril H. Lander Esq.

President & General Manager, National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada Ltd.
Sep 23 1948

Cloud Wampler Esq.

President, Carrier Corporation
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Jan 6 1950

Hugh J. Ferry Esq.

President, Packard Motor Car Company
For Esquire Magazine
Nov 23 1949

Charles E. Wilson

President, General Motors Corporation
For Esquire Magazine
Nov 23 1949

George W. Mason Esq.

President & Chairman, Nash-Kelvinator Corp.
For Esquire Magazine
Oct 27 1949

H. W. Manning Esq.

Vice President & Managing Director, The Great-West Life Assurance Co.
Sep 13 1949

C. H. Greenewalt Esq.

President, Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.
Through PIX Publishing re E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc.
Jul 22 1949

Harold Wilson

President of the Board of Trade, London, England
Oct 2 1948

Norman Urquhart Esq.

Director, The Robert Simpson Co. President, Toronto General Hospital
Apr 12 1949

Kenneth Parker Esq.

President, The Parker Pen Company
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Apr 12 1949

Edmund Fitzgerald Esq.

President, Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.
For J. Walter Thompson Chicago
Mar 22 1949

Thomas J. Watson Esq.

President, International Business Machines. (And members of his family)
Dec 18 1948

Clark Clifford Esq.

Counsel to the President, The White House
For Newsweek Magazine
Dec 1 1948

Reese H. Taylor Esq.

President, Union Oil Company of California
Northwestern Mutual sitting for J. Walter Thompson
Nov 1 1948

D. H. Ross Esq.

President & General Manager, Dominion Envelopes & Cartons Western


  • President Sukarno

  • President James Carter

  • President James Carter

  • Lyndon B. Johnson

  • Franklin Roosevelt, Mackenzie King, Lord Tweedsmuir

  • John F. Kennedy

  • Edward Kennedy, John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy

  • Josip Broz Tito

  • Cordell Hull

  • Nelson Rockefeller

  • John L. Lewis

  • Henry Ford

  • Harold Wilson

  • John and Jacqueline Kennedy

  • Harold Ickes

  • Nikita Khrushchev

  • Harry Truman

  • General Dwight Eisenhower

  • Douglas MacArthur

  • David Sarnoff

  • General Charles de Gaulle

  • Barry Goldwater

  • André Malraux

  • General Andrew McNaughton


President Lyndon B. Johnson

President Lyndon Johnson, 1963 On this day, July 30, in 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law in the United States to provide health insurance to people age… […]

President James Carter

President James Carter, 1981 93 year old President James Carter was unable to attend the funeral of First Lady Barbara Bush last week, because he and his wife, Rosalynn, were… […]

Nelson Mandela Becomes President

Nelson Mandela, 1990 On this day, May 10, in 1994, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was sworn in as the first black president of South Africa. Mandela visited Canada three times, and… […]

President Truman’s Televised Address

President Harry Truman, 1948 Seventy-one years ago on October 5, President Harry Truman gave the first ever televised presidential address from the White House. There were fewer than 50,000 television… […]

President Sukarno

President Sukarno, 1956 Indonesia’s first President, Sukarno, died on this day, June 21, in 1970. He served as president from 1945 to 1967. Sukarno was the leader of the Indonesian… […]

President James Carter

…while he was President but not during any of his other political tenures as senator or governor. Carter is currently the earliest-serving living former U.S. President. See more Jimmy Carter…. […]

Presidents’ Day

…in our Sittings database returns all of them, from a 1936 sitting with Dr. Karl T. Compton, President, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, to Mr. Alonzo L. McDonald, President, Bendix Corporation,… […]

Presidents’ Day

…search in our Sittings database returns all of them, from a 1936 sitting with Dr. Karl T. Compton, President, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, to Mr. Alonzo L. McDonald, President, Bendix… […]

Robert McNamara

Robert McNamara, 1962 On this day, November 29, in 1967, Robert S. McNamara announced that he would resign as Secretary of Defense and become president of the World Bank, where… […]

Reagan and Gorbachev Tearing Down Walls

…his post the following year. Reagan was photographed on three occasions: as governor, president-elect, and president. See more Ronald Reagan. See more Mikhail Gorbachev. Read about the Cold War (Wikipedia)…. […]

Richard Nixon’s Refusal

President-Elect Richard Nixon and Mrs. Nixon, January 1969 On this day, January 4, in 1974, President Richard Nixon refused to hand over tape recordings and documents that had been subpoenaed… […]

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lyndon Johnson, 1963 On this day, January 22, in 1973, former US President Lyndon Baines Johnson died of a heart attack at the age of 64. Johnson served as the… […]

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, 1962 Martin Luther King was assassinated on this day, April 4, in 1968. President Lyndon B. Johnson declared April 7 a national day of mourning for the… […]

Harry S. Truman

President before Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office. Karsh photographed him as Senator Harry S. Truman, Missouri, for LIFE Magazine in 1944, and again in 1948 as President, for Collier’s…. […]

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, 1993 The 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton, was born on this day, August 19, in 1946. By his own account, Clinton was inspired to enter… […]

Lyndon B. Johnson

…had previously served as the 37th vice president from 1961 to 1963 under President John F. Kennedy. Johnson’s presidency began following the assassination of President Kennedy. Johnson’s domestic policy was… […]

The Warren Commission

Earl Warren, 1955 On this day, November 29, in 1963, one week after President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot, President Lyndon B. Johnson established the Warren Commission. Leading the… […]

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan, 1982 March 30, 2020, marks the 29th anniversary of the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan. His Vice President at the time was George H.W. Bush, and… […]

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt, Mackenzie King, Lord Tweedsmuir, August 14, 1936 On this day, November 3, in 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected as president of the United States. Earlier that year… […]

Jimmy Carter

…blurb: As president, Carter was not merely an outsider, but an outlier. He was the only president in a century to grow up in the heart of the Deep South,… […]

Corazon Aquino

Corazon Aquino, 1989 Corazon “Cory” Aquino was a Filipino politician who served as the 11th President of the Philippines, becoming the first woman to hold that office. She was the… […]

Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez, 1991 In redecorating the Oval Office, newly-elected President Biden placed a bust of labor icon Cesar Chavez behind the Resolute Desk. Chavez (1927-1993) co-founded the National Farm Workers… […]

Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon Johnson, 1963 On July 30, 1965, US President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare into law. Medicare now covers tens of millions of Americans. Johnson gave the first two Medicare… […]

John F. Kennedy Civil Rights Address

John F. Kennedy, 1957 On June 10, 1963, President John F. Kennedy federalized National Guard troops and deployed them to the University of Alabama to force its desegregation. The next… […]

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, 1971 On February 24, 2008, after nearly 50 years in power, Fidel Castro retired as President of Cuba. He served as Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to… […]

Richard Nixon Resigns

…1974, and was photographed by Karsh as president-elect in 1969 (as well as Senator, in 1952, and Vice President, in 1957). After his resignation, he was issued a pardon by… […]

The Eisenhower Memorial Commission

President on the National Mall. This is the header for their weekly newsletter. Karsh photographed Eisenhower four times, both when he was a general and as President. Learn more here…. […]

Ronald Reagan

…as President-Elect. See contact sheets showing Karsh’s visit to the White House to photograph the President in January, 1982. Yousuf and Estrellita Karsh enjoying a joke with President Reagan, 1982… […]

George Herbert Walker Bush, 1924-2018

George H. W. Bush, 1982 George Herbert Walker Bush has died. Bush served as the 41st President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. He had served as the… […]

Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig

…lives of children born with anoxemia or ‘blue baby syndrome.’ In 1965, Dr. Helen Taussig was the first woman to become the president of the American Heart Association. We understand… […]

Yousuf Karsh and Ronald Reagan

…showing Karsh’s visit to the White House to photograph the President in January, 1982, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the work that went into producing these photographs. Ronald Reagan,… […]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Lord Tweedsmuir (John Buchan), Mackenzie King, Franklin Roosevelt and son, James Roosevelt, 1936 On this day, November 5, in 1940, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected President of the United States… […]

Lyndon B. Johnson

…with communism. After Lyndon B. Johnson was elected president in 1964, the stage was set for the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. Johnson’s plan was not without opposition,… […]

Civil Rights Act

Lyndon Johnson, 1963 On this day, July 2, in 1964, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law. The law ended segregation in public places and… […]

Jacqueline Kennedy

Jacqueline Kennedy, 1957 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was born on this day, July 28, in 1929. She was First Lady of the United States as the wife of President John F…. […]

The New Deal

…Roosevelt’s “New Deal” as Johnson prepares to announce a massive boost to public spending.* In 1936 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first American President to pay an official visit to… […]

Jacques René Chirac, 1932-2019

Jacques Chirac, 1981 Jacques Chirac, former French president, has died. M. Chirac was elected to two consecutive terms as president, beginning in 1995, having already served as prime minister. Karsh… […]

Hosni Mubarak, 1928-2020

Hosni Mubarak, 1983 Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak was an Egyptian military and political leader who served as the fourth president of Egypt from 1981 to 2011. He was photographed… […]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Lord Tweedsmuir, Mackenzie King, Franklin Roosevelt, James Roosevelt, 1936 Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on this day, January 30, in 1882. FDR was the first American President to pay an… […]

Richard Nixon

president to Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1961, and as the 37th president from 1969 until 1974. Karsh photographed a total of twelve US Presidents, from Hoover to Clinton…. […]

The U.S. Supreme Court

Charles Evans Hughes, 1944 On this day, October 13, in 1932, President Herbert Hoover and Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes laid the cornerstone for the U.S. Supreme Court building in… […]

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, 1948 Herbert Hoover was an American engineer, businessman, and politician who served as the 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. Hoover was born on… […]


President Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon, 1969 American magazine Newsweek launched on February 17, in 1933. Karsh photographed several people for the weekly publication. The Sitters include British Prime… […]

Nobel Peace Prize

Nelson Mandela, 1990 On October 16, in 1993, Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk were jointly named Nobel Peace Prize winners. De Klerk served as State President of South Africa… […]

Hillary Clinton

…photograph the new president, Bill Clinton, and Hillary, in 1993. When he moved in to his new residence, President Clinton had hung Karsh’s “Roaring Lion” Churchill portrait. See more Clintons…. […]

Robert F. Kennedy

…in 1968. He was previously the 64th U.S. Attorney General from 1961 to 1964, serving under his older brother, President John F. Kennedy and his successor, President Lyndon B. Johnson…. […]

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, 1926-2020

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, 1981 Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, the French politician who served as President of France, has died. He was photographed by Karsh in 1981, for Paris Match. See a… […]

Josip Broz Tito

…Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, serving as both prime minister (1944–1963), president (later President for life) (1953–1980), and marshal of Yugoslavia, the highest rank of the Yugoslav People’s Army.  … […]

Neil Armstrong

…first person to walk on the Moon. Along with Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, Armstrong was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon, and President Jimmy Carter… […]

Omar Bradley

Omar Bradley, 1950 General Omar Bradley was a senior officer of the United States Army during and after World War II. On August 11, 1949, President Harry S. Truman appointed… […]

Eunice Kennedy Shriver

Eunice and Sargent Shriver, 1962 Eunice Kennedy Shriver died on this day, August 11, in 2009 (b. 1921). Shriver was the sister of President John F. Kennedy. She was a… […]

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton, 1993 On October 11, 1975, William Jefferson Clinton married Hillary Rodham. The 42nd President of the United States took office on January 20, 1993, and on… […]

Bill Clinton

…84, but in 1993 he traveled to the White House to photograph the new president and new First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in 1993. And Clinton installed Karsh’s “Roaring Lion”… […]

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy, 1960 John F. Kennedy was born on this day, May 29, in 1917. He was 35th President of the United States from 1961 to 1963 – the… […]

John L. Lewis

…as president of the United Mine Workers of America (UMW) from 1920 to 1960. A major player in the history of coal mining, he was the driving force behind the… […]

Clare Boothe Luce

…Clare Boothe Luce. Luce was a former Congresswoman and was the first woman appointed as a U.S. ambassador to a major power when President Eisenhower appointed her as U.S. Ambassador… […]

Voting Rights Act

Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1963 On August 6, in 1965, US President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, guaranteeing African Americans the right to vote. The bill made it… […]

John F. Kennedy’s 100th Birthday

John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917. The 35th President of the United States, 1961-1963, was the youngest man elected to the office. The JFK Library is commemorating… […]

Vannevar Bush

…Science Foundation passed through Congress and was signed into law by President Truman. The Foundation is a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in all the… […]

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy, 1960 On this day, November 8, in 1960, John F. Kennedy became the youngest man ever to be elected president of the United States. Karsh photographed a… […]

Katharine Graham: The Post

…of President Richard Nixon. Graham features in Steven Spielberg’s latest movie, “The Post”. “With help from editor Ben Bradlee, Graham races to catch up with The New York Times to… […]

Billy Graham, 1918-2018

Reverend Billy Graham, 1972 American evangelical Christian William Franklin Graham Jr. has died. Graham was a spiritual adviser to American presidents and provided spiritual counsel for every president from Harry… […]

Charles de Gaulle

Charles de Gaulle, 1944 On this day, December 21, in 1958, Charles de Gaulle was elected as the first president of the Fifth Republic of France. He was previously the… […]

Bush, Baker and Karsh

…photographed George H. W. Bush, Vice President of the United States at the time. Also present, and to be photographed, was Bush’s dear friend and colleague, James Baker, the White… […]

Martin Luther King

…an honor. President Ronald Reagan originally opposed the holiday, citing cost concerns. When asked to comment on Helms’ accusations that King was a communist, the president said “We’ll know in… […]

Nelson Mandela

…to the Canadian parliament. Mandela was vice-president of the African National Congress (ANC) at the time, and he addressed a joint session of the House of Commons and the Senate,… […]

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1944 Eleanor Roosevelt was an American diplomat and activist who served as the First Lady of the United States from 1933 to 1945 during her husband President Franklin… […]

The Marshall Plan

General George C. Marshall, 1950 On this day, April 3, in 1948, President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan, named after General George C. Marshall, Secretary of State, who advocated… […]

New York World’s Fair

…composed his work for harp and string orchestra “Five Variants of Dives and Lazarus” on commission. David Sarnoff, then president of RCA, chose to introduce television to the mass public… […]

Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall, 1957 President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court on this day, in 1967. On August 30, 1967, after a… […]

Boris Yeltsin

Boris Yeltsin, 1992 Boris Yeltsin became the first President of the Russian Federation on this day, July 10, in 1991. He would lead from 1991 to 1999, when he resigned… […]

Richard Nixon

President Nixon and First Lady Pat Nixon, 1969 Richard Nixon was born on this day, January 9, 1913. This double portrait was made and published in January 1969 as Nixon… […]

Watergate Scandal

…ordered the President to release the tapes to the special prosecutor. On July 30, 1974, Nixon complied with the order and released the subpoenaed tapes to the public. Karsh photographed… […]

Edward Steichen

…from behind (see: Pablo Casals), and the collection of smokers, among which some favorites are Bertrand Russell, Tennessee Williams, President Tito, and Dr. Alfred Blalock. See more about Steichen’s Sittings…. […]

Ralph Bunche

…played a major role in numerous peacekeeping operations sponsored by the UN. In 1963, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President John F. Kennedy. Read more (Wikipedia)… […]

Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall, 1957 Thurgood Marshall was officially sworn in to the nation’s highest court at the opening ceremony of the Supreme Court term on October 2, 1967. President Johnson nominated… […]

Henry Kissinger

…to the neither-revile-him-nor-revere-him school of Kissingerology.” Read the article. Kissinger was Special Advisor for National Security for the President of the United States when he was photographed by Karsh in… […]

Walter Cronkite

…19 years, from 1962 to 1981. A poll taken in 1972 named him “the most trusted man in America” – more so than the president at that time, Richard Nixon…. […]

Buckminster Fuller

…to geodesic spheres. Fuller was the second World President of Mensa from 1974 to 1983. Fuller’s prophetic 1962 book Education Automation was “a prescient vision for online education decades before… […]

Nelson Mandela

…if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.” Thankfully, he lived, and after the end of apartheid went on to serve as President of… […]

Henry Schachte

…to Henry Schachte’s great granddaughter for sharing this portrait with us. Mr. Schachte joined the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in 1963, and was its president in 1972 and 1973…. […]

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, 1962 Today marks the 35th Martin Luther King Jr. national holiday in the United States. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established in 1983 when President Ronald… […]

Paul Desmarais

Paul Desmarais, 1973 Canadian financier and philanthropist Paul Desmarais was born on this day, January 4, in 1927. Four Canadian prime ministers, a former French president and five Quebec premiers… […]

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter, 1981 James Earl Carter Jr. was born on this day, October 1, in 1924. The 39th President of the United States was photographed not long before he would… […]

Clark Gable

…including contralto Marian Anderson; first Governor of the Bank of Canada, Graham Towers; President Truman; and several businessmen for J. Walter Thompson advertising (not least the wonderfully-named Cloud Wampler Esq.)… […]

Konrad Adenauer

…this day, April 19, 2021 (b. 1876). Adenauer was a leading politician in the Weimar Republic, serving as Mayor of Cologne (1917–1933) and as president of the Prussian State Council… […]

Betty Ford

Betty Ford, 1977 Newly added to the website are two portraits of Betty Ford. They were made during a Sitting with her husband, President Gerald Ford, right at the end… […]

Vannevar Bush

…by President Truman. The Foundation is a United States government agency that supports fundamental research and education in all the non-medical fields of science and engineering; Bush was chiefly responsible… […]

Nelson Rockefeller

…as “Office Co-ordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Commerce Dept. Washington, D.C.” Rockefeller served as the 41st vice president of the United States under Gerald Ford, from December 1974 to January 1977;… […]

Harold Wilson

…when Harold Wilson was Prime Minister – we just added this portrait of him to the website. See a portrait of Wilson from 1949 when he was President of the… […]

Yousuf Karsh 1908-2002

…in 1933, with an entry for April 25: “Dominion Drama Festival “Will Shakespeare” Nancy Barrow” and end in 1993, on May 6: “President & Mrs. Bill Clinton Photographed in the… […]

Harry Truman

Harry Truman, 1948 President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981 on July 26, 1948, calling for the desegregation of the U.S. Armed Forces. This executive order abolished discrimination “on… […]

Edward Kennedy

…1957, and John F. Kennedy solo in 1960, shortly before he was elected president. He photographed Robert Kennedy in 1962 while he was attorney general in his elder brother’s administration…. […]

James Callaghan

…Thatcher. Both were also photographed by Karsh prior to their premierships: Wilson as President of the Board of Trade in 1949, and Thatcher as Leader of the Opposition in 1976…. […]

Walter Cronkite

…19 years, from 1962 to 1981. A poll taken in 1972 named him “the most trusted man in America” – more so than the president at that time, Richard Nixon…. […]

Inspire Like Churchill

…observation since cited by many including President Kennedy, journalist Edward R. Murrow said that during the Second World War, Winston Churchill “mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.”… […]

Jackie Robinson

…the first black vice president of a major American corporation, Chock full o’Nuts. In the 1960s, he helped establish the Freedom National Bank, an African-American-owned financial institution based in Harlem,… […]

Clare Boothe Luce

…a leading conservative in later life and was well known for her anti-communism. In her youth, she briefly aligned herself with the liberalism of President Franklin Roosevelt as a protégé… […]

Jonas Salk

…poliomyelitis.” – National Institutes of Health. President Franklin Roosevelt was diagnosed with polio in 1921 at the age of 39 and was left paralyzed from the waist down. He helped… […]

Estrellita Karsh Named as Project 351 Service Hero

…20th century’s most sough-after portrait photographer. Mr. Karsh photographed every pop and American president during his lifetime – from Hoover to Clinton; and legions of prominent global citizens including Albert… […]

Château Laurier – A Splendid Century

…hotel a prestigious tenant. “Château Laurier was commissioned by Grand Trunk Railway president Charles Melville Hays, and was constructed for $2 million, between 1909 and 1912 in tandem with Ottawa’s… […]

Jerry Lewis, 1926-2017

…to the President, Reagan looked at the picture and said, “Oh, you know, Mr. Karsh has photographed me, too.” Yousuf Karsh with Robbie and Kerri Whitaker, the first children to… […]

Dag Hammarskjold

…Secretary-General post, and is one of one of only four people to be awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize. United States President John F. Kennedy called Hammarskjold “the greatest statesman of… […]

André Malraux

André Malraux, 1954 French novelist and art theorist André Malraux was born on this day, November 3, in 1901. Malraux was appointed by President Charles de Gaulle as Minister of… […]

Ford Motor Company

…See Karsh “On Assignment“. He photographed Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford II, for LIFE Magazine in 1946, and again in 1968. Ford II was president of the Ford Motor Company from… […]

The Robert Simpson Company

…record of the names of the subjects. We suggest contacting our colleagues at the Library and Archives for more information. Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Burton, President of the Robert… […]

Frank M. Folsom

…website for the name Folsom and found ‘Frank M. Folsom, Esq., President, Radio Corporation of America, RCA.’ An image search on Google confirmed the subject of this portrait is indeed… […]

Marian Anderson sings at Lincoln Memorial

…American or otherwise, to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City on January 7, 1955. At Eleanor Roosevelt’s behest, President Roosevelt and Walter White, then-executive secretary of the… […]

Supreme Court Justices

…segregation in public schools. He was later appointed to chair what became known as the Warren Commission, which was formed to investigate the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy…. […]

TIME: 100 Women of the Year

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1944 This portrait of Eleanor Roosevelt features in the March 16, 2020, issue of TIME as the magazine honors Women’s History Month. And further, TIME has created a… […]

Franklin Roosevelt founds March of Dimes

…American dime. (Wikipedia) Read about Dr. Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine sponsored by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Roosevelt became 32nd president of the United States in 1933…. […]

League of Nations, United Nations

…House on December 29, 1941, by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Roosevelt aide Harry Hopkins. (Wikipedia). Karsh photographed several Secretaries General and others with roles at… […]

Earl Warren: Brown v. Board of Education

…is unconstitutional. “Chief Justice Earl Warren, nominated to the Supreme Court by President Eisenhower, echoed Douglas’s concerns in a 1954 speech to the American Bar Association, proclaiming that “Our American… […]

Milton Glaser

…❤ NY. Among other achievements he also co-founded New York Magazine, and was the first graphic designer to be given the National Medal of the Arts award from President Barack… […]

Vannevar Bush

…Karsh in 1950, the year legislation to create the National Science Foundation passed through Congress and was signed into law by President Truman. The Foundation is a United States government… […]

Reflection: 180 Years in Photography

…Professor and President of the Texas Photographic Society, Steve Goff, who included two original photographs by Yousuf Karsh: George Bernard Shaw and Ernest Hemingway. “Photography can be seen as a… […]

Eleanor Roosevelt

…12, 1945, during her husband President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s four terms in office, making her the longest-serving. Following her husband’s death in 1945, Roosevelt remained active in politics for the… […]

Baruj Benacerraf

…self and non-self.” He was photographed in 1988 during his tenure as president of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and is one of several Nobel Prize winners in our archives…. […]

General Andrew McNaughton

…wounded in World War I, he became: President, National Research Council in 1933; Commander, First Canadian Army in 1939; and, Minister of National Defense in 1944. Karsh wrote: The founder… […]

Mikhail Gorbachev

…in “colossal danger” due to the threat from nuclear weapons. Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was photographed as “President, USSR (Secretary General of the Soviet Communist Party and Chairman of the Supreme… […]

André Malraux

Andre Malraux, 1954 French novelist and art theorist André Malraux died on this day, November 23, in 1976 (b. 1901). Malraux was appointed by President Charles de Gaulle as Minister… […]


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University of Detroit, 1979



A Brief Biography

…impatient with the strict protocol his position sometimes demanded. In 1936, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the first American President to pay an official visit to Canada, came to Quebec City…

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