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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

Banksy’s Turf War

Turf War by Banksy, Winston Churchill by Yousuf Karsh
Turf War by Banksy, Winston Churchill by Yousuf Karsh

Banksy’s Turf War reproduces Karsh’s famous portrait of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a slight difference; instead of a bald head, Churchill is painted with a green mohican.

Banksy reimagines Winston Churchill as a punk rocker with a bright green strip of hair resembling a mohawk but also a piece of turf. Painted in Banksy’s typical black and white stencil style on a white background, the portrait is monochromatic, like Karsh’s original photograph, apart from the green strip of hair. Churchill shows the same determined smile and ferocious look as in Karsh’s photograph, which earned him the nicknames ‘the British bulldog’ and ‘the roaring lion’ and which perfectly reflect his famous words ‘We shall never surrender’. MyArtBroker

Winston Churchill, 1941