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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

Tom Wolfe, 1930-2018

Tom Wolfe, 1990

American author, journalist, and “unabashed contrarian” Tom Wolfe has died, aged 88.

“Wolfe adopted wearing a white suit as a trademark in 1962. He bought his first white suit, planning to wear it in the summer, in the style of Southern gentlemen. He found that the suit he purchased was too heavy for summer use, so he wore it in winter, which created a sensation. At the time, white suits were supposed to be reserved for summer wear. Wolfe maintained this as a trademark. He sometimes accompanied it with a white tie, white homburg hat, and two-tone shoes.” (Wikipedia)

Wolfe was photographed late in Karsh’s career, in 1990, one of several people photographed for a project titled “American Legends.” See the other people who were photographed.