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70th Anniversary of the Day that Jackie Robinson Broke Major League Baseball’s Color Barrier

Jackie Robinson, 1957

The Los Angeles Dodgers unveiled the first statue in Stadium history on the 70th anniversary of the day that Jackie Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier on April 15, 1947. A pre-game ceremony included Dodgers’ owner ‘Magic’ Johnson who said:

“I’m humbled to participate in the unveiling of the Jackie Robinson statue on the 70th anniversary of his Major League debut,” said Magic in a statement. “His impact exceeded beyond baseball, paving a way for me and African-American athletes across all sports. Beyond being an extraordinary athlete, Robinson was an extraordinary individual. The statue is a tribute to not only the rich history and success Robinson brought to the Dodgers organization, but the social impact he made on this country.” Read more at NBC San Diego.


Yousuf Karsh photographed Jackie Robinson in May, 1957.