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Colonel John Glenn

…orbit the Earth. In 1995, Glenn was reading Space Physiology and Medicine, a book written by NASA doctors. He realized that many changes that occur to physical attributes during space… […]

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong, 1969 NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong was born on this day, August 5, in 1930. Armstrong was the commander of the 1969 US Apollo 11 Moon mission, and the… […]

Apollo 11

NASA, having been watching open-heart surgery on a young boy by ground-breaking surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, in Houston, (the details of which Mrs. Karsh would later go on to discuss… […]

Apollo 11 Moon Landing

…and Neil Armstrong, were photographed two months later, in September, at NASA. Karsh also photographed the crew of Apollo 8. See more about the Apollo 8 and 11 crew portraits…. […]

Neil Armstrong

…step for a man – one giant leap for mankind. To Yousuf & Estrellita – with the admiration and best wishes of the photographer.” See more about Karsh and NASA!… […]

John Glenn

…retirement from NASA, he served from 1974 to 1999 as a Democratic United States senator from Ohio, and in 1998 flew into space again at age 77. John Glenn was… […]

Neil Armstrong

…the moon. See the records of Karsh’s NASA Sittings. Neil Armstrong took many photographs while on the surface of the moon, including this image of his famous footstep. He later… […]

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