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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

Bernstein and Stravinsky

Leonard Bernstein, 1985

A new CD box set of Leonard Bernstein conducting works by Igor Stravinsky is out now from Sony Classical. “Bernstein Conducts Stravinsky” includes concerts with New York Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra and Boston Symphony Orchestra.

“The last great father-figure of Western music” was how Leonard Bernstein eulogized Igor Stravinsky in 1972 before his homage concert in London a year after the composer’s death. Stravinsky’s works, he asserted, “sum up and embrace all of music itself – from primitive folk art to highly sophisticated serialism, from rarefied church music to outspoken jazz.” Read more on Leonard Bernstein’s website.

Igor Stravinsky, 1956