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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

Betty Low, 1916-2016

“Betty Low, a Canadian-born dancer and actress who began her career with the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo and performed and taught in the US for 70 years, died on March 12, 2016 at her home in Annapolis, MD. She was 100.

“Ms. Low devoted the early years of her career primarily to dance. During this period she was photographed several times by fellow Canadian Yousuf Karsh. A famous and prize-winning portrait from 1936 depicts her in a turban [shown here], actually just a curtain spontaneously torn down and repurposed by Karsh. In the photograph titled ‘The Lesson’, Ms. Low is seen on pointe, taking instruction from friend and fellow dancer Solange Gauthier Karsh, the photographer’s first wife.”

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