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Hans Hartung in Demand

Hans Hartung, 1965

In an ArtMarket Insight, Artprice states: “After decades of inertia, the market for the great abstract artist Hans Hartung is gaining momentum thanks to support from leading galleries and museums.”

The article goes on to mention that “A major adept of ‘gestural’ painting in the 1920s and 30s (i.e. well before the great American ‘action’ paintings of Pollock, de Kooning, Kline, Motherwell…), Hans Hartung (1904-1989) played a key role in the history of 20th century painting. However, after receiving full recognition during his lifetime (in the 60s and 70s), the German artist fell into relative market oblivion for roughly three decades. Today the amnesia concerning Hans Hartung’s work appears to be lifting and his work is attracting a lot of attention from important galleries and major cultural institutions.”

Apparently, Hans Hartung has never been in such demand. Read the rest of the article.

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