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Hans Hartung

Hans Hartung, 1965

We are regularly adding images to our digital archives. This portrait of German-French painter Hans Hartung is fresh from the scanner. As can perhaps be inferred from the view, M. Hartung was photographed in France. Born in Germany, Hartung moved to Paris in the late 1920s.

He was rejected from Nazi Germany on account of being a ‘degenerate’, because his painting style was associated with Cubism – an art movement incompatible with Nazi Germany’s ideals. In 1935 when he attempted to sell paintings while visiting Berlin, the police tried to arrest him. He was able to flee the country. In December 1939, he became a member of the French Foreign Legion. He was closely followed by the Gestapo and arrested for seven months by the French police. After they learned he was a painter, he was put in a red cell in an attempt to disturb his vision. (Read more on Wikipedia)

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