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Jean-Paul Riopelle

Jean Paul Riopelle, 1965

The latest “GeoMinute,” a series of minute-long educational videos from Canadian Geographic, is about Jean-Paul Riopelle, the Canadian painter and sculptor from Quebec. “In 1948, Jean-Paul Riopelle and fellow Quebec artists formally rejected their province’s religious and political establishments, firing the opening shots of Quebec’s Quiet Revolution. Born in Montreal on October 7, 1923, Riopelle eventually moved to Paris, where his large-scale, textured works catapulted him into the stratosphere of the art world in the fifties and sixties. Today, his works can command over seven million dollars, making him the most internationally acclaimed Canadian artist of the 20th century and the world’s last great abstract expressionist.”

GeoMinute: Jean-Paul Riopelle, abstract influencer” closes with this portrait of Riopelle in his studio in 1965.