Karsh Signature

Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

“The World of Yousuf Karsh” Heads to Halifax

Portia White, 1946

“The World of Yousuf Karsh: A Private Essence” has traveled to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The exhibition opens tomorrow, March 12, 2022. Organized by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts after a gift by Estrellita Karsh of more than 100 original silver gelatin prints, the exhibition features renowned images of political figures alongside portraits of influential figures of theatre, film, music, the visual arts and literature, as well as outstanding scientists and spiritual leaders of the 20th century. “A Private Essence” will also display Karsh’s immortalized images of the cowboys, farmers, steelworkers and icons of culture and artistic achievement who embody the integrity of the Canadian spirit.

The World of Yousuf Karsh: A Private Essence” runs until October 16, 2022.

Pictured here is Canadian contralto, Portia White, known for becoming the first Black Canadian concert singer to achieve international fame and who grew up as part of her father’s church choir in Halifax.