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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

Viola Schultz Hindle

Viola Hindle, 1940

On occasion, we are the happy recipients of family portraits and their associated tales. Here we have a portrait of Mrs. V. Hindle, as she was recorded by Mr. Karsh’s secretary at the time, known to her nephew as Viola Schultz. Thanks to the power of the database behind this website, Viola’s relative was able to locate the sitting information, and kindly sent us a copy of the beautiful portrait of his aunt. The photograph was a “family scandal” due to her bare shoulders.

*  Update!

Viola went to 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin part of Canadian “Women’s League of Health & Beauty” team. While there she visited relatives outside of the Olympic Venue but was told to be mute because her German had too much English accent. She was told then by her German relatives that war would be coming soon.

She married Fred Hindle in November of 1939 just after he was called to active service. He sailed to England in May 1940.