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  • Lord Tweedsmuir

  • Lord Tweedsmuir

  • Franklin Roosevelt, Mackenzie King, Lord Tweedsmuir

  • Archibald Belaney (Grey Owl)


The New Deal

Britain’s Conservative Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said today his country needs a “Rooseveltian” approach to the economy following the coronavirus pandemic. […]

Clare Boothe Luce

American author, politician, ambassador and public conservative figure Clare Boothe Luce was born on this day, March 10, in 1903. […]

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps

“Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps: A Life of John Buchan” by Buchan’s granddaughter, Ursula Buchan, is out now from Bloomsbury UK.  […]

The John Buchan Story Museum

John Buchan is a national figure within both a Scottish and UK context. Through his prolific writing and by his many and varied contributions to public life, he was a highly influential figure. […]

President Roosevelt and Thanksgiving Day in the United States

From the time of the Founding Fathers until the time of Lincoln, the date Thanksgiving was observed varied from state to state. In 1939, President Roosevelt signed a presidential proclamation changing the holiday to the next to last Thursday in November, for business reasons. […]

Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms

“Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms” opened at the New-York Historical Society this week and is the first internationally touring exhibition devoted to Rockwell’s iconic depictions of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms. This 1956 portrait by Karsh hangs at the very start of the exhibition. […]

Coronation of George VI

On this day, May 12, in 1937, George VI was crowned King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth. In 1939, King George became the first British monarch to visit America and Canada. […]

Jonas Salk

On this day, April 26, in 1954, Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine began field trials. […]

John Buchan and Yousuf Karsh

The fiftieth issue of the John Buchan Society’s Journal, was published at the end of 2017 and features an essay by our Curator, Jerry Fielder, about the warm and fruitful relationship between Buchan and Karsh. […]

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

On this day, November 5, in 1940, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was re-elected President of the United States for an unprecedented third term. […]


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