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Yousuf Karsh, master photographer of the 20th century

John Buchan

John Buchan, Lord Tweedsmuir, 1938

Scottish novelist and politician John Buchan, 1st Baron Tweedsmuir, died on this day, February 11, in 1940 (b. 1875).

Aside from his political work, as an author, Buchan was mainly known for The Thirty-Nine Steps but he in fact wrote about a hundred books. Buchan was Governor General of Canada from 1935 to 1940 and was photographed by Karsh multiple times during this period, and after. The two were close: read more about their relationship.

Read more about this portrait, and about the 2019 biography Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps: A Life of John Buchan by Buchan’s granddaughter, Ursula Buchan.