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Vittorio De Sica

Vittorio De Sica, 1962

Vittorio De Sica was an Italian film director and actor, a leading figure in the neorealist movement. (Italian neorealism, also known as the Golden Age, was a national film movement characterized by stories set amongst the poor and the working class.) De Sica died on this day, November 13, in 1974 (b. 1901).

I had a startling flashback when reading this news post I made in March, 2020: Representing the last of pre-lockdown scanning we bring you Vittorio Domenico Stanislao Gaetano Sorano De Sica. Four of the films he directed won Academy Awards. De Sica was also nominated for the 1957 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for playing Major Rinaldi in American director Charles Vidor’s 1957 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway‘s A Farewell to Arms, a movie that was panned by critics and proved a box office flop. De Sica’s acting was considered the highlight of the film. Learn more (Wikipedia).