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Estrellita Karsh unveils Nan Freeman’s Paintings for Women’s Lunch Place

MFA Director Matthew Teitelbaum, Estrellita Karsh, MFA Deputy Director Katie Getchell, November 2018, by Olga Khvan

The Women’s Lunch Place in Boston offers a safe haven for homeless women, providing not only food, but assistance with employment and housing, as well as self-help and creative classes. Women’s Lunch Place treats vulnerable women with dignity, and empowers them to pursue their dreams.

Earlier this month Estrellita Karsh unveiled two paintings by artist Nan Freeman which will hang permanently at the shelter.

The 12 bouquets are a floral celebration representing the 12 months of the year, inspired by our monthly birthday celebrations. These beautiful paintings are a gift from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Karsh Center, and will hang in the shelter bringing joy, reflection and inspiration to our guests and anyone who visits the WLP community!

Nan Freeman with her paintings, by Mike Tom