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Jun 19 1986

Estrellita Karsh

Photographed at New York Studio. For Chicago Tribune article
Dec 1 1981

Estrellita Karsh

Photographs of sculpture by Manzu of Estrellita Karsh
For use in catalogue raisonné of Manzu’s work
Nov 1 1981

Jo Tartt

Tests taken by Mr. Karsh using Olympus Camera at White House, Washington. Photographs of White House, Estrellita Karsh, Jo Tartt
Nov 1 1981

White House

Tests taken by Mr. Karsh using Olympus Camera at White House, Washington. Photographs of White House, Estrellita Karsh, Jo Tartt
Oct 1 1972

Yousuf Karsh

and Estrellita with Henry Moore. Taken at Henry Moore’s home. By Mr. Karsh and Les Wilson
Apr 17 1972

Estrellita Karsh

Dual sitting with Barbara Walters at Walters’ apartment
Apr 17 1972

Barbara Walters

Dual sitting with Estrellita Karsh at Walters’ apartment


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Estrellita Karsh

Mrs. Estrellita Karsh celebrates her 90th birthday this weekend, on January 19. Estrellita Nachbar met Yousuf Karsh in 1961. […]

Estrellita Karsh Interview for WYSO

As well as telling the compelling story behind the 1941 portrait of Winston Churchill that truly launched Karsh’s career, Estrellita speaks to how Karsh’s own history informed his work, leading to such intimate and honest photographs. […]

One True Podcast

One True Podcast delves into all things related to Hemingway, his work, and his world. […]

Jerry Lewis

“The King of Comedy” Jerry Lewis was born on this day, March 16, in 1926. […]

Harold Prince, 1928-2019

American theatrical producer and director Harold “Hal” Prince died last month. Prince is associated with many of the best-known Broadway musical productions of the 20th century. […]

Jerry Lewis

Comedian, actor, singer, filmmaker and humanitarian, Jerry Lewis, died on this day, August 20, in 2017. […]

Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong took many photographs while on the surface of the moon, including this image of his famous footstep. He later gave this print to Mr. Karsh to thank him for a portrait session.  […]

Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico

“Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico” opened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, on January 19, 2019, and runs through May 12, 2019. The exhibition was curated by Kristen Gresh, Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Curator of Photographs. […]

Fulton J. Sheen

Fulton Sheen was an American bishop (later archbishop) of the Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio. […]

Glenn Gould at the Embassy of Canada, Moscow

On the occasion of Canada Day 2018, the Embassy of Canada in Moscow was honoured to celebrate the enduring cultural legacies of internationally renowned Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh and legendary Canadian classical pianist Glenn Gould. […]

Yousuf Karsh and Ronald Reagan

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum has digitized a series of contact sheets showing Karsh’s visit to the White House to photograph the President in January, 1982. […]

Georgia O’Keeffe’s Style

Fashion-industry trade journal Women’s Wear Daily reviewed “Georgia O’Keeffe: Art, Image, Style” which is on view at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Massachusetts, through April 1, 2018. Estrellita Karsh shares her recollections in the article. […]

Jerry Lewis, 1926-2017

Jerry Lewis has died at home in Las Vegas at the age of 91. Yousuf Karsh photographed Lewis in 1974 for Lewis’s Muscular Dystrophy annual Labor Day telethon. […]




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